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Discover your Magnificence

I help women stop comparing and competing, so they can let go of Ordinary and discover their Legendary.

When you need wisdom, where do you turn?

Competing with each other to win the human race is making us crazy. We keep talking ourselves in and out of things until we don’t even know what we truly want.

With compassion, curiosity and deep conversations I can help you tune out the voices that compare and despair, and tune in to yourself, where true wisdom lies.


  • Lisa J. Weiss, I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting
    The entire process of the kitchen makeover was really a process of me discovering layers of information that had been buried deep inside just waiting for the clutter to be removed. Now, I am more mindful of checking in and getting rid of the expired beliefs/values and attitudes I tend to carry.
    Lisa J. Weiss
  • Louise LeBrun, WEL-Systems Institute
    I’ve witnessed the magic as her honesty and clarity create the safe space that invites another to reclaim more of their own deep, inner truth to reclaim ’star’ for themselves, in their lives!
    Louise LeBrun
  • Allison, Sydney, Australia
    You back off when you see it isn’t the time to push me and you gently ask me to look into my reactions and I can come back to them when I am ready and that is why you make an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC COACH.